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"Hold Me In Your Dreams


Never Let Me Go"

In Your Arms



You could be sitting in the back of any club or venue, immersed in your own personal conversation with friends or watching whatever might be on one of 10 television screens. Once her voice came through the P.A. your attention would be immediately drawn to the stage. Beth has been a well established vocalist/artist in and around the Portland Oregon music scene since the 1990's. Fronting a country band comes very natural to her. However she is not at all limited to any one genre, as shows her love of different styles of music by performing and writing songs that range from country to blues, R&B and harder rock. In 2005 she packed up her guitar and left the Pacific Northwest for Music City. Since moving to Nashville she has been keeping busy networking, playing various gigs and songwriter's rounds and recording. Her stage presence shows more fire than ever. Ever sizzling on the vocals, her physical stage presence is as well demanding of you attention. Humble and fun is her attitude, which can be rare among people with such natural talents. It's an evening worth of entertainment not to be missed. 
After the all consuming loving task of creating a cd, I am now looking to book more band gigs..... I have set down and taken stock of what I do the best and have come to the conclusion that it's music.... I eat, breath, dream and am consumed by music! Sure there are plenty of things that I can do and do well, but nothing brings joy into my life, outside of my children and my husband than music.. Its a way to express what I may be feeling....Letting off steam or showing a bit of rowdiness! I hope when you take a listen to the song clips on WIX and you can hear what it's intent is...... 




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